Ashaa Foundation is a non-profit charity organization based and working in Noida, India. This non - government organization (NGO) was created as a Community Service Center for the most marginalized families living in urban slum communities and rural areas. Our goal is to provide educational, health and vocational skills to underprivileged children and women. Ashaa Foundation shall continually attract, retain and develop a cadre of talented, committed professionals who come from all walks of like and backgrounds. Chartered accountants, post-graduates in Social Work, communications professionals, bankers, HR specialists, salespeople, MBA-types, geeks, artists, writers, foodies from every ethnic, linguistic, religious and ideological persuasion. This diversity, coupled with an unrelenting commitment to building a culture of openness, transparency, accountability and democracy within the organization are what make Ashaa Foundation what it is since it was founded. That organization culture, the daily experience of making a tangible difference and the opportunities for personal and professional learning and growth are what attract and keep people in jobs that pay a fraction of their market value.

All Donation to Ashaa Foundation Are Exemption section 80g of income tax