Your Help Can Save 3 Year Prince to Lost His Eyes From Cancer

Prince (UHID No 105299588) is barely 3-years-old and is at the risk of completely losing his eyesight if he can't continue his treatment. He has already lost 60% vision because of eye cancer. Prince has started chemotherapy to prevent the tumour from spreading to his both eyes, but his father, Ashish Kumar, is finding it difficult to continue his treatment. Prince needs chemotherapy to save his eye
Cancer has taken away Prince's childhood, and now threatens to take away his eyesight Prince was only 2 year old when his father noticed redness and swelling of his eye. He quickly took him to a doctor, who asked him to get further tests. Several scans later, the doctors told him that their Prince has eye cancer. The news left them devastated.
Ever since his diagnosis, Prince has spent most of his time in the hospital. He hasn't known a normal childhood and has grown up with medicines, instead of toys. Even then, Prince remains cheerful and enjoys whatever little time he gets to play.
Prince had an eye surgery 3 months ago, and his condition has improved since. While he lost vision in his right eye, there's now hope for him to save he was told his child's eye could be saved, but he was also overcome with worry. He knew the amount for his treatment was well beyond his reach and he had no means to pay for it. Chemotherapy can save Prince's vision. Ashish and his wife only have each other to lean on in these arduous times. They have somehow managed to pay some amount for their child's treatment but now can't afford anymore. They need 1 lakhs 80 Thousand (1,80,000) for his treatment. Ashish works as a driver in Bihar and doesn't earn enough to support his medical bills. No matter how desperately he wants to save his son, their dire lack of funds is stopping him.
Prince needs to continue chemotherapy to save his eye. He has already completed 3 cycles and needs more to prevent the tumour from spreading. his's condition has been improving after surgery and chemotherapy, but Ashish has exhausted all his savings. He's now pleading for a helping hand to save his only son. Without chemotherapy, risks going completely blind.Ashish longs to see his child free from the deathly clutches of cancer, but he can't afford such a big amount needed to continue his treatment. Your support can save Prince from cancer.
Prince Father say "He's our only child. We were so happy to start a family when Prince was born, but our happiness was so short-lived. When I saw that his eyes were red, I thought it might be a regular infection. I never thought that it would be cancer. We're now afraid that he will live in darkness forever."
My child can't even talk yet and he's going through so much. He hasn't known a life beyond hospitals, injections and medicines. He cries because he doesn't understand what's happening to him. He's a very brave child though. When my baby is fighting so hard to beat cancer, how will I ever forgive myself if I'm forced to stop his treatment?

We would update the situations here about how much additional funds we might need further for the same.
Accordingly I would request for your support further when required. Thanks for understanding this through & extending your support. This is a desperate plea for financial aid. Even a small contribution can go a very long way and lessen the financial burden on her parents. Please help this child and the family generously. Your all donation to Ashaa Foundation eligible under 80G.

Patients and child family brief details

  • Name - Prince
  • Father name - Ashish Kumar
  • Address - Najafgarh
  • UHID NO - 105299588
  • Doctor name - Dr Rajendra Prasad
  • Hospital - A.I.I.M.S


We therefor sincerely appeal to donors like YOU come forward and extend your full support to enable to treat child Prince. Please join hand in our mission for this cause of saving the precious life of child Prince and donate generously for her treatment,we appeal to YOU to save the life of Prince by sending you support to Ashaa Foundation

Ashaa Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to help needy children. Ashaa Foundation is registered under Indian Trust Act 1950. Reg.3018. All donation to Ashaa Foundation are exempted from tax under section 80-G of Income Tax act.

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Treatment Cost Rs - 180,000

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