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Elderly women who are poor and live alone or with dependent children find them vulnerable, powerless and are neglected by their family or grown up children. Many are too old or physically weak and thus unable to find work. They are forced to beg, and are often homeless. Moved by the plight of destitute single women, Ashaa Foundation has taken up program of sponsoring elderly women on an urgent basis. Our volunteers and staff members conducted surveys and identified 120 destitute women who are above 60 year of age. These elderly women are widows or have been abandoned by their husbands. Some have children, but the children live apart and do not take care of their mothers. They do not have money for food, medical care and other basic necessities. They worked hard all their lives, brought up children, and later took care of grandchildren. Now, at the last stage of their life, when they are helpless and lack even food and shelter, they deserve our help. The growing crisis of elders calls for urgent intervention, but the government with its limited resources, can make only meager provisions. There is an urgent need for the private sector and NGOs to help feed destitute elders. Ashaa Foundation is one the leading NGOs which has been feeding them. We need your support to extend the reach of our mid day meals project, all busy, public places like railway stations you will find them very old and destitute people begging or simply wandering around. Have you spared a thought as to how they survive how do they get food and shelter for the cold nights? Most sleep in pavements and survive on alms, neglected by their family.

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