Womain Empowerment

Womain Empowerment

Ashaa Foundation works with women who live in poverty, most of whom have never had an education and are victims of domestic abuse.

Access to paid training and the income that follows provides them with an alternative to relying financially on violent and abusive spouses, charity, or exploitative .


Ashaa Foundation provided paid training for 26 women, 2 of which transitioned to full-time employees where they are paid a wage nearly 3X the standard pay rate for seamstresses or tailors in India.

Aside from financial stability and mandatory independent bank accounts (meant to ensure the women have control over their own finances), employee benefits also included continued education, support in money management, and general health services.

We added much-needed equipment including a cutting table, new sewing machines, and other stitching supplies.

Since Delhi is the world’s most polluted large city, we also made the addition of air-cleansing plants and an air purification system.

Ashaa Foundation ensures the women we work with are set up for success.

A small non-profit with an all-volunteer staff, we provide our stakeholders with all necessary equipment and paid training.

2018 GOALS

Our goal is to, for the first time, hire a part-time paid staff person in India to oversee the facilitation of training and health education for the women. This will allow us to:

Enrol 40 women in this year’s training program, all recruited from nearby slums.

Enrol at least 4 children (likely girls)into school.

Provide complimentary day-care services for employees’ children below school-age (to break the trend of locking children in their home for 8 hours during the workday.)

Host 12 community-wide health education workshops.

AshaaFoundation supports women’s empowerment in more ways than just providing financial stability.

We offer savings support, interest free loans, family counselling, and health services

Ashaa Foundation provides a stepping stone to paid employment for Ashaa

Once hired, the women are trained further and work full-time to create high-quality customizable apparel, organic accessories, and reusable packaging.

Our employees are paid fairly, regularly, and given the opportunity to earn raises + promotions. Some go on to be entrepreneurs, and their daughters go to college.

How can financial agency change lives?

Women who train with Ashaa Foundation can go on to work at Ashaa Foundation, and don’t have to make difficult decisions like choosing between feeding themselves and sending their kids to school. With financial independence, our employees don’t need to rely on the often inconsistent income their spouses bring home. Employees living in unsafe or abusive situations are better able to care for themselves, or even leave those situations once they are financially secure.

When a woman completes training at Ashaa Foundation she can begin working full-time to produce for the export market at Ashaaat a fair wage.The women are paid regularly, receive health and financial support services, and have the opportunity to raises or promotions. We are aware of each woman’s unique challenges and actively work with them to overcome them together.

Job training for women positively impacts their futures and those of their families. Help us to expand the reach of our program and please donate today! We rely on your support.


Midday Meal 25 Children
25 Children
Rs. 550.00/PD
Snacks Rs. 250.00/PD
Total Rs. 800.00/PD

Rs. 6400.00